Leftist protesters use tragedy to push for gun control, cause chaos at Tennessee Capitol

On Thursday, a group of leftist protesters flooded the Tennessee State Capitol, once again using the tragic events of a school shooting to push their extremist agenda for gun control. These agitators took to the streets outside the capitol demanding that lawmakers change the laws to make students and others less safe. They dared to imply that the Second Amendment is to blame for the horrific actions of a deranged killer who took six innocent lives at a Christian elementary school.

The protesters faced off with law enforcement, breaking through their line and causing chaos as they made their way to the legislative chambers. One individual was even arrested for their unruly behavior but was quickly released to the cheers of the angry mob. These protesters do not seem to care about due process or respecting the rule of law. They only wish to stir up trouble and get their way.

It is alarming that these protesters feel emboldened to act in such a way, particularly given the groundswell of efforts for gun control lately. The actions of a single criminal should not be cause to remove the freedoms of millions of law-abiding gun owners who honorably exercise their Second Amendment rights. We must remain vigilant against those who seek to use a tragedy to advance their political goals. We must also continue to support our law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to uphold the law and ensure public safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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