Leftists Can’t Hide Fani Willis’ Steamy Affair Scandal Anymore

Even the liberal media is starting to express concern over the corruption allegations against Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis, who is pursuing former President Donald Trump. The left-wing website, The Daily Beast, known for its liberal commentary, recently published an article titled “Why We Can’t Just Shrug Off the Fani Willis Scandal,” highlighting the conflict of interest Willis has shown in her prosecution of Trump. This isn’t the first time The Daily Beast has criticized Willis either, as The New York Times also published a critique of her by Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Andrew Fleischman.

Most recently, Willis has been accused of hiring her alleged lover, Nathan Wade, as a special prosecutor in the election interference case against Trump. The rumors of their sexual relationship are not simply courthouse gossip, as Willis was even subpoenaed in Wade’s divorce case. The allegations against Wade suggest that his appointment was based more on their personal relationship than his qualifications for the position. Willis attempted to dismiss these accusations by playing the race card, claiming that she was being targeted because of her relationship with Wade.

However, The Daily Beast article challenges this theory and highlights the qualifications of the other two special prosecutors, Anna Cross and John Floyd, who were hired for significantly less pay than Wade. It also points out Wade’s previous failure as a special prosecutor, failing to keep any notes of his interviews and ultimately leading to a settlement in the case. The article concludes that if the judge investigating Willis’ actions confirms her unprofessional relationship with Wade, she may be disqualified from the case against Trump.


Written by Staff Reports

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