LGBT Groups Sue Florida Over Ban on Gender Transitions for Minors – Families Fight for Parental Rights!

A group of families represented by multiple LGBT activist organizations have filed a lawsuit against Florida for a new rule that prohibits gender transition procedures for minors. The ban was put into effect on March 16th, blocking minors from obtaining treatment through puberty blockers and hormone therapy, along with surgical sex change procedures. The complaint filed against Florida’s Surgeon General claims that the ban violates the rights of parents to make medical decisions that ensure the health and well-being of their adolescent children. 

The plaintiffs are alleging that the ban prevents parents from obtaining high-quality medical care for their children and are requesting that an injunction be placed on this restriction. They claim it is a violation of their rights as parents to make healthcare decisions on behalf of their children. The Southern Legal Counsel, Human Rights Campaign, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Sidley Austin LLP, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are representing the families in this lawsuit.

All plaintiffs have chosen to file their lawsuit under a pseudonym to hide their identity and the identity of their children to protect their privacy on this “highly sensitive and personal” topic. One of the plaintiffs, Jane Doe, is a member of a military family and is suing for her 11-year-old child, Susan. Susan has had a gender dysphoria diagnosis confirmed by a Pentagon doctor and began living as a girl by the time she started kindergarten. Her mother claims that the family has no choice but to fight this ban to protect their daughter’s physical and mental health.

The youngest child mentioned in the complaint is nine years old. The mother, Carla Coe, is suing Florida, claiming that her child has identified as a girl since they were three years old. “Having the resources and support to make the best decisions for her well-being has been so important for our family,” Coe said in a statement.

The Human Rights Campaign, who is representing these families, is implying that the Florida Surgeon General, Department of Health and Boards of Medicine should be preoccupied with more pertinent public health concerns instead of involving themselves in putting transgender kids and their families at risk. The Florida Department of Health made little to no comment on the matter.

It appears that left-wing activist groups, alongside some families, are fighting against a ban introduced to protect minors. Why should children be burdened with such weighty and complex issues such as gender transition procedures, hormonal and surgical therapy at such a young age? The state of Florida is fighting for the welfare and health of all children, while these liberal activist groups seem to be focused on their political agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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