Biden’s Blunder: Can’t Even Keep His Gun Safety Laws Straight

In an event commemorating Women's History Month, President Biden made an unusual mistake while addressing the issue of gun safety regulations, suggesting once more that he may not be entirely mentally present. He mentioned that his government has been combating the ongoing problem of anti-Asian hate and violence, which disproportionately affects Asian American women.

Afterward, he proceeded to claim that his initiatives to address gun control in the nation encompassed the most substantial gun safety regulation in three decades, aimed at preventing political advisors from acquiring firearms. Surprisingly, this remark was met with applause.

Fortunately, the White House intervened to rectify the situation. They had to take swift action, removing Biden's erroneous statement from the official White House transcript and adding a correction in brackets to clarify that the intended phrase was "[convicted domestic abusers]." It seems that they will have to remain vigilant in their efforts to manage this president's remarks.

However, the issue didn't stop there! Biden added, "But we still need to ban assault weapons again," leaving many perplexed as to what he meant by it. If only he had a clear understanding of how to define assault weapons and how many of these weapons are used in homicides within the country, his statement might have been more credible.

During the event, Biden's other accomplishments were also highlighted. He expressed his satisfaction in signing a bill that empowers survivors to take legal action against offenders in the workplace. Furthermore, he spoke of his efforts to reform the military's handling of sexual assault and domestic violence cases, which he claims have led to a fundamental shift in how such cases are investigated and prosecuted.

But the truth is, for all the “progress” they claim to have made, there is still an awful lot left to do. With Joe Biden and his administration in charge, it seems unlikely that any real progress will be made at all. Maybe if he took the time to check his facts and remember what he’s talking about, progress could be on the horizon. Unfortunately, that seems highly unlikely at this point!

Written by Staff Reports

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