“Liberal Lies Exposed: Woke Left Blames White People for Air Pollution – Here’s the Truth!”

The woke Left has once again demonstrated their bias against white people, blaming them for all the societal ills, real and imaginary. They want a system of reverse racial apartheid where non-whites are cordoned off, away from the perceived dangers of white people. Ironically, it is the white progressives who are the most eager advocates of this discriminatory policy.

This woke ideology has seeped even into the sciences. A study purports to establish a link between vehicular air pollution and race, implying that white people driving cars are poisoning communities of color. But the science behind the study is suspect, and it has already been proven wrong.

For instance, a liberal publication such as the LA Times has blamed the poor air quality in the Los Angeles area on the weather conditions that trap air pollution over the region. Inversions, a natural phenomenon, create a layer of cool air that traps pollutants or smoke from wildfires, and the cold ocean water makes the air near it cooler than the layer of air hundreds of feet above it. These are the reasons for the smoky haze and low visibility, not the purportedly racist behavior of white people driving cars.

Moreover, it is absurd to suggest that only white people drive cars, and thereby contribute to vehicular air pollution. It is just another twisted and false propaganda tool of the woke Left to further their agenda of divide and conquer.

The woke Left claims to promote community and unity, yet they are the ones pushing for racially divisive policies, which are only increasing resentment and division in our society. The conservative movement stands for the values of equality, fairness, and individual liberty, but the woke Left seems oblivious to these values. Let us reject their ideology and fight for a truly united and equal America, where all citizens are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Written by Staff Reports

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