Liberal School District Allows ‘After-School Satan Club’

It appears that a school in California will soon have a brand-new after-school club with a concentration on Satanism.

With the introduction of a new after-school club to elementary school pupils in Bakersfield, California, religious freedom is on the table.

daily mail articles Parents are horrified to learn that a California elementary school, where students as young as five years old attend, hosts a "After School Satan Club" on its premises.

The Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California, in Kern County, recently established the club.

One parent termed the choice to let the club—founded by the Satanic Temple and the Reason Alliance—"disgusting" in an interview with KBAK, while another labelled it "a mistake."


During an interview with a member of the church of Satan, Tucker Carlson also took a swing at the club.

According to Fox News. Greaves spoke with Tucker Carlson live on air earlier this year about the After School Satan Club.

He enquired as to whether Greaves and the other organizers had encountered resistance from parents and school officials or if they had behaved passively like the majority of people in America.

Carlson contended that school districts' approval of clubs can be detrimental and pave the way for further organizations of the same kind.


Although it is disgusting that the school district would let this, it is difficult to know how to feel about it. On the one hand, this should under no circumstances be permitted near our children, but on the other, religious freedom is in jeopardy. However, any club that openly advocates satanic principles should never be anywhere near our kids. Since it is obvious that the program was created as a publicity ploy and not to actually benefit the kids, the school system should not have allowed this to happen and should have immediately cancelled the program.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Network.

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