Florida Changing Laws To Make Room For DeSantis 2024 Run

Although I don’t think that Ron DeSantis will face off against Donald Trump in the general election, I think that he will eventually step in to save the day. I think that will happen after the president is indicted. I don’t think that DeSantis is in on it, but I know that the rumors are not good.

I do think that the establishment globalists are leaning towards choosing DeSantis as their candidate to stop Trump and destroy MAGA. If they play their cards right, I believe that they can be right.

In Florida, the state legislature has passed a law that will allow DeSantis to run for president. I don’t know who is behind this move, but I believe that it is either Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan.

According to a report by Bizpacreview, Ron DeSantis was able to easily defeat his Democratic opponent in the Florida governor's race, and he became the front-runner in the presidential race in 2024. It is not clear if he will go head-to-head with Trump in the general election. However, the state legislature is currently considering a law that will allow DeSantis to run for president.

The Republicans in Florida were able to secure a supermajority in both the House and the state legislature due to the results of the national elections. Although the party was able to gain a majority in the House, it failed to capture the Senate.

The Resign-to-Run Law of Florida states that no officer can run for another office if the terms of his or her current position coincide with the terms of another office.

An office-holder can resign their position upon being elected to another office. They can make this effective the day that they take over the new position.

The incoming Republican leaders of the Florida legislature stated that they are planning on changing the law so that DeSantis can serve as the governor of Florida while he is campaigning for the presidency in 2024.

According to a report by the outlet, the incoming House and Senate leaders of Florida agreed that it would be a good idea to make it clear that if DeSantis were to become the Republican nominee for president, he would not have to resign his position.

During an interview, Passidomo stated that he thinks that it is a good idea for DeSantis to run for president. He said that it is an honor for an individual to serve as the governor of Florida.

During his press conference last week, DeSantis did not show any urgency in running for president. He did not seem to have a lot of interest in facing off against Donald Trump.

Despite the lack of interest in running for president, DeSantis did not seem to have a lot of concern about the rumors that he might be running in 2024. He said that he is focused on his job as the governor of Florida. However, until he makes a bold and more deliberate statement regarding his future plans, the rumors about his possible presidential run will continue to keep growing.

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