Libs Shaken as Trump Fights Back & Resists John Oliver’s SC Bribe Attempt

In a ruling that really got the liberal snowflakes shaking in their boots, a federal court declared that our beloved former President Donald Trump could indeed face prosecution for his post-election actions. Well, it didn’t take long for Trump to say, “Not so fast!” and fire back with an appeal to the Supreme Court, leaving the lefties quaking in their Birkenstocks. The left’s panic hit a new level when one of their own, the so-called “comedian” John Oliver, had the audacity to try and bribe Justice Clarence Thomas on live TV.

Oliver, in a desperate attempt to get some attention, offered Justice Thomas a cool million bucks a year and a swanky motorhome in exchange for stepping down from the Supreme Court. Can you believe the nerve of these left-wing loonies? Trying to undermine the integrity of our highest court just because they can’t handle a fair and square legal battle. It’s sad, really.

But Justice Thomas didn’t fall for Oliver’s shady deal. Despite being a beacon of strength and principle in the face of leftist attacks, Thomas raised his eyebrow at the leftist lawyer trying to disqualify Trump from running again. The lawyer argued that Trump’s actions on January 6th should bar him from seeking office. However, Justice Thomas, being the wise and fair-minded jurist he is, rightly pointed out that there was no precedent for such a disqualification. Bravo, Justice Thomas, bravo.

These leftists will stop at nothing to try and silence those they disagree with. But fear not, fellow patriots, for the conservative spirit and respect for the rule of law will prevail in the end. Let the leftists cry and whine all they want; we’ll just sit back, sip our coffee, and watch as justice is served, much to their dismay.

Written by Staff Reports

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