LOL: Mike Pence Desperately Tries To Claim Loyalty To Donald Trump Now

It's been reported that Mike Pence is trying to gain favor with the Trump crowd by going on TV shows and stating what the public doesn't agree with.

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Despite the negative opinions about him, Mike Pence is still trying to bring people back to like him.

During an appearance on News Nation, Mike Pence claimed that he was always loyal to Donald Trump.

Maybe Pence thinks we forgot about another recent interview he has done.

A caller noted that during a CNN town hall, Mike Pence stated that the White House needed new leadership. Donald Trump has stated that he wants to regain control of the country. However, Mike Pence has not said if he will support the former president's bid. He also stated that Republicans would have better choices in the 2024 presidential election than Trump. When asked by Jake Tapper if he would run for president, Pence said he would keep him posted. It seems like Mike Pence is getting back to no good as he is trying to establish himself as a candidate for president in 2024 by going on TV shows. He will never be able to gain the support of the Trump crowd, and it would be very amusing to see him debate the former president on stage. Regardless of that, he is doing this in order to create different news clips for his various audiences.

He thinks that the public has forgotten about his past actions.

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