REPORT: Border States Brace For FLOOD Of Illegal Immigrants Coming Soon

After a federal judge ruled that the restrictions on the border were lifted, the US Department of Homeland Security said that they have a plan to address the situation.

In April, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it would be implementing a plan that would increase the number of agents and technology deployed at the border. According to

Fox News, the plan included deploying more resources and improving the efficiency of the border inspection process.

The plan is to release as many illegals as possible in a day. This will minimize the vetting process for criminals and terrorists.

Around 18,000 illegal immigrants a day would attempt to enter the country illegally after Title 42 restrictions were lifted, according to the DHS.

Fox News:

According to Gonzales, the Border Patrol informed local officials in Uvalde that they would begin releasing 150 immigrants a day.

According to Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents a portion of the southern border, he does not know what the department is planning on doing regarding the situation. He said that his constituents are already "batten down the hatches" regarding the hurricane that may hit the area. A representative of a border district noted that the end of the Title 42 restrictions would result in mass migration. He also dismissed the claims made by the Biden administration regarding its plan to address the situation.

“Their plan is essentially to let them know that this is happening,” he said.

In May, a record number of illegal immigrants crossed the border and weren't apprehended. More than 73,000 individuals were labeled as "gotaways," which is an all-time high. Despite the situation, the media decided that reporting about the border helps the Republicans.

In response to the situation, the Department of Homeland Security is implementing a plan that will increase the penalties for illegal entry.

According to Congressman Gonzalez, the illegal immigrants are already at the border in preparation for the end of the Title 42 restrictions on December 21.

The El Paso Sector, which is one of the areas experiencing the highest number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, has already seen a 250 percent increase in activity this year.

He also noted that the government should implement laws that already exist. One of the most effective ways to address the issue is to expand the number of flights that are available to repatriate the illegal immigrants.

When the situation gets so bad that it becomes the main news story, Biden will be wishing he took this matter more seriously. Republicans in Congress will begin holding hearings to explain how the country will be affected by the end of Title 42 restrictions.

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