Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Concerns About Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

The mainstream media’s reluctance to address Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is not a new issue. Despite ample evidence and continuous reporting from conservative outlets, many in the media have turned a blind eye. When CNN interviewed White House reporters about this failure, excuses were abundant.

Some reporters claimed they faced obstacles like political pressures and fear of backlash from the White House and Democrats if they pursued the truth about Biden’s mental fitness. They also pointed fingers at right-wing media for supposedly pushing a narrative of Biden’s cognitive decline, which they dismissed as baseless attacks.

The irony is palpable. Rather than holding the White House accountable and highlighting important concerns about Biden’s health, the media chose to deflect blame onto conservative sources. This behavior only underscores their blatant bias and unwillingness to report the truth, regardless of political implications. 


At the end of the day, it’s clear that the media’s failure to cover Biden’s issues thoroughly is a disservice to the public. By prioritizing political agendas over journalistic integrity, they have failed in their duty to provide honest and unbiased reporting. The biased excuses offered by these reporters only serve to highlight the deep-rooted problems within mainstream media and their skewed priorities.

Written by Staff Reports

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