Biden White House Spins Debate Failures Amid Growing Criticism

When it comes to trying to spin the narrative in favor of President Biden, his press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems to be leading the charge. Despite the obvious debacle that was Biden’s recent debate performance, the excuses keep flowing like a broken faucet in the White House.

From blaming jet lag for his floundering on stage to claiming he had a cold, the Biden team’s attempts at damage control are becoming more laughable by the day. It’s almost as if they expect the American people to buy into the idea that the most powerful man in the world can’t handle a debate because he was a little tired from traveling.

But let’s not forget the cherry on top of this tangled web of excuses – the fact that Biden spent over a week hiding out at Camp David supposedly “preparing” for the debate. One has to wonder what kind of preparation involves disappearing from public view and then showing up looking like you just ran a marathon.

Jean-Pierre’s vague responses and non-answers only serve to highlight the lack of transparency and accountability in the Biden administration. It’s clear that they are more focused on deflecting blame than addressing the real issues at hand. 


As we watch this circus unfold, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the Biden presidency is a disaster in the making. The excuses, the deflections, and the blatant gaslighting all point to a leadership that is out of touch and unable to handle the responsibilities of the office.

If this is the best that the Biden team has to offer, then it’s no wonder that his approval ratings continue to plummet. The American people deserve better than a president who can’t even take ownership of his own failings. Jean-Pierre may be trying her best to spin the narrative, but the reality is plain to see – the Biden White House is in disarray, and it’s only a matter of time before the house of cards comes crashing down.

Written by Staff Reports

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