Mainstream Media Hypocrisy Exposed in Coverage of Biden’s Mental Fitness

If Joe Biden were enjoying a comfortable lead over Donald Trump in the polls, the mainstream media would likely be painting a very different picture of his mental acuity. Instead of facing scrutiny for his countless gaffes and memory lapses, Biden would be hailed as “sharp as a tack” and any concerns about his fitness for office would be dismissed as baseless attacks from the right.

The recent media coverage of Biden’s performance at the G7 summit and the subsequent debate with Trump paints a worrying picture of a candidate who is struggling to keep up. Reports of Biden’s forgetfulness, incoherence, and slow movements have raised serious questions about his ability to serve effectively as President.

Despite years of evidence pointing to Biden’s declining mental and physical condition, the media seems more interested in pushing a partisan agenda than in holding him accountable. The sudden shift in tone from the media, calling for Biden to step down, only serves to highlight their bias and lack of genuine concern for the well-being of the American people.

It is clear that the media’s priorities lie not in promoting democracy or truth, but in advancing the interests of the Democrat Party. Their coverage of Biden’s performance is just another example of their willingness to manipulate the narrative to suit their political agenda.

The double standard applied to Biden by the media, based on his standing in the polls, is a stark reminder of the dishonesty and hypocrisy that pervades the mainstream news industry. Instead of upholding their duty to inform the public, the media have chosen to prioritize their own political motives at the expense of journalistic integrity.

In the end, the media’s biased reporting on Biden’s mental fitness only underscores the need for Americans to critically assess the information they are fed and not blindly trust the narratives pushed by those with their own vested interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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