Majority in Minority: Biden Loses Ground as Trump Wins New Followers

In a blow to President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign, two new polls released Sunday indicate that he is losing critical support among minority voters. The polls, conducted by The New York Times/Siena College and CBS News, reveal that Biden’s support among Black and Hispanic voters has significantly declined. This marks a stunning reversal from the 2020 election, where Biden won all six swing states polled by the NYT.

The collapse of Biden’s support among Black and Hispanic voters has been a recurring theme, despite the surprise expressed by mainstream media outlets. The impact of financial factors seems to be a key factor in this decline. Hispanic voters, in particular, are more likely to believe their finances would improve under former President Donald Trump rather than under Biden. Additionally, most Black voters do not expect any change in their finances if Biden were to win another term.


The New York Times has also noted a “gradual racial realignment” between Democrats and the GOP. According to their analysis, the more diverse a swing state is, the further behind Biden falls. In fact, in these states, Trump is now enjoying 22 percent support among Black voters, a level unseen for a Republican presidential candidate in modern times.

The personal finances and the overall state of the economy were cited as major reasons for the shifting support. Many voters expressed greater faith in Trump’s ability to lead in these areas and viewed Biden’s age as a concern for his “mental sharpness.” In fact, an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents in the poll deemed Biden “too old” to be an effective president, including 54 percent of his own supporters.

If the 2024 Election were held today, a Times/Siena poll suggests that Trump would defeat Biden with a significant margin in the Electoral College, securing well over 300 votes. These findings should serve as a wake-up call for Biden’s campaign to address the concerns of minority voters and tackle economic issues head-on.

Written by Staff Reports

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