Manchin’s Exit: A Conservative Victory, Dems in Disarray!

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has left conservatives across the country breathing a sigh of relief by announcing that he won’t be seeking reelection for his Senate seat or run as an independent presidential candidate. The Democrats’ leading swing vote in the Senate has decided to step away from the political limelight, much to the disappointment of those who had hoped for a change in West Virginia’s representation.

Speculation had been brewing about Manchin’s potential challenge to President Joe Biden, with his travels to early-voting states and refusal to rule out a presidential bid fueling the fire. However, after much anticipation, Manchin finally put the rumors to rest by confirming that he will not be running for president. While some had hoped he would endorse Biden, the senator remained coy about his future plans, leaving political watchers on the edge of their seats.

With Manchin’s departure from the political arena, the Senate will bid farewell to its top bipartisan deal-maker. However, with four decades of public service under his belt, the West Virginia senator has plenty of opportunities to consider for his next venture. Democratic strategists have predicted that he could find a multitude of job prospects in the energy sector, with the potential to lead a company or join high-profile boards of directors.

In addition to the energy sector, there is speculation that Manchin may be eyeing the opportunity to lead West Virginia University when the current president’s term ends. The senator’s alma mater is facing financial challenges, providing a potential opening for the fiscal conservative to guide the university through troubled waters.

Furthermore, there are hints that Manchin’s daughter’s nonprofit organization, dedicated to promoting centrist policies and bipartisanship, could serve as a landing pad for the seasoned politician. With the possibility of joining the paid speaker circuit post-political career also on the table, Manchin’s future seems brimming with tantalizing options.

The likelihood of Manchin serving in the Biden administration appears slim, given his history of clashing with the 46th president on key issues. He has steadfastly held his ground on crucial matters, refusing to support the elimination of the 60-vote filibuster threshold and blocking the administration’s climate efforts. His track record as an antagonist to Joe Biden suggests that he is not ready to compromise his principles for the sake of political expediency.

While the senator’s future plans remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain – his departure from the Senate will leave a void that will be difficult to fill. As conservatives bid farewell to Senator Manchin, they can only hope that his next endeavor will align with their values and priorities.

Written by Staff Reports

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