Manhattan DA Delays Trump Sentencing Amid Legal Maneuvers

Manhattan prosecutors led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg have decided to push back the sentencing of former President Donald Trump, as The New York Times reported. The delay comes after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty on 34 felony charges related to falsification of business records. Despite the conviction, Trump’s legal team sought to postpone the sentencing following a recent Supreme Court ruling that grants presidents immunity from prosecution for certain actions taken while in office. While deeming Trump’s arguments meritless, Bragg's office acquiesced to the request to delay sentencing pending further legal proceedings.

In response to Trump’s motion, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass indicated that although they believe Trump’s arguments lack merit, they do not oppose his request to file a motion to set aside the verdict and adjourn the sentencing. After the Supreme Court ruling, Trump’s legal representatives contacted New York Judge Juan Merchan, seeking approval to submit a motion to challenge the verdict. The sentencing was initially set for July 11, close to the commencement of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

In the proposed timeline put forth by Trump’s attorney, court documents would be filed on July 10, with Bragg’s team committing to respond two weeks later. However, Judge Merchan has yet to agree to the adjusted schedule. The developments surrounding Trump’s sentencing continue to attract attention and scrutiny, fueling debates and discussions across political spectrums.

Written by Staff Reports

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