Liberals Fume as Supreme Court Upholds Constitution Amid Demand Justice Court-Packing Push

The latest round of liberal hysteria has predictably emerged following another Supreme Court term securely grounded in constitutional principles. Leftist operatives are seized with outrage, fuming over the audacity of the justices to actually do their jobs and render decisions based on those old-fashioned guardrails known as the U.S. Constitution.

As expected, the usual cabal of Democratic Senators, shadowy left-wing moneymakers like Demand Justice, and their trusty megaphone—the mainstream media—are on a coordinated mission. Their goal? Radically flip the Supreme Court that’s done just fine for a couple of centuries, turning it into a playground for their progressive fantasies. The very folks loudest about “protecting democracy” are the same ones tirelessly working to dismantle it (but they’d rather keep that part quiet).

Politico and their “reporter” Heidi Przybyla are leading the charge, who has transitioned with alarming ease from being a so-called journalist to essentially a stenographer for Demand Justice. One doesn’t need to squint too hard to see Przybyla’s tactic: Massacre the reputations of those who believe rights originate from God, as the Founding Fathers intended, all while giving center stage to a group looking to undermine that legacy in favor of leftist radicalism.

Przybyla’s latest delight, published in Politico, is nothing more than leftist gospel masquerading as journalism. Her article spotlighted Demand Justice’s $10 million splurge to engineer what they coyly term “Supreme Court reforms.” But here’s the kicker—this “judicial advocacy group” is basically a front for aggressive court-packing schemes and squashing any semblance of originalist thought. Surprise, surprise.

For those keeping score, Demand Justice isn’t some benevolent civic group. It’s a tentacle of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, another cog in the extensive machine of leftist dark money that bankrolls a slew of advocacy groups pushing a progressive agenda. Their wish list includes packing the Supreme Court, instigating lopsided “ethics” reforms, and blackballing originalists from ever seeing the inside of the highest court again. With henchmen like Przybyla echoing its every move, Demand Justice remains committed to assaulting justices that uphold the Constitution—not the liberal wish list.

Interestingly, in Przybyla and her editors’ upside-down world, millions spent by leftist dark money groups are just “judicial advocacy,” while conservatives who defend the integrity of the Supreme Court are branded as some elusive “ultraconservative judicial activists.” Their narrative is so brazenly hypocritical that it would almost be comedic if the stakes weren’t so high.

With sympathizers embedded from the halls of Congress to the Oval Office, Demand Justice and its left-wing allies have found substantial backing. President Biden and his Democratic cronies echo their absurd alarm that a Supreme Court adhering to the Constitution somehow endangers democracy. Amid this liberal frenzy, Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, astutely pointed out the absurdity—the Left’s desperate and coordinated campaign to dismantle the Supreme Court. From Congressional meltdowns threatening impeachment to Biden’s primetime fabrications, it’s all part of a grand theater to bulldoze the judicial branch. Demand Justice’s whopping $10 million smear campaign is the latest act.

Written by Staff Reports

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