Mayor Pete Busted! Watch Don Lemon Uncover Private Jet Scandal

On Tuesday morning, CNN host Don Lemon questioned Pete Buttigieg about his frequent use of private jets, which is currently under investigation by the inspector general of his department. While Buttigieg tried to make excuses for his actions, it’s clear that he is not taking responsibility for his misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Buttigieg claimed that he uses the government aircraft “the vast majority of the time” and that it is cheaper than buying commercial airline tickets. However, this argument does not hold water when considering the fact that the FAA’s own website states that “the use of government aircraft for official travel is generally more expensive than commercial airline travel.”

Not only is Buttigieg’s use of private jets a waste of taxpayer dollars, but it also shows a lack of respect for the American people. He is using their hard-earned money to fly in luxury while they are struggling to make ends meet. This is a prime example of the elitist attitude that has become all too common among politicians in Washington.

When Don Lemon asked Buttigieg if he had any concerns about the investigation, he responded by saying that it was “good for it to get an independent look.” This response shows that Buttigieg is not taking responsibility for his actions and is instead trying to pass the blame onto someone else.

It’s time for Pete Buttigieg to be held accountable for his misuse of taxpayer dollars. The American people deserve better than to have their money wasted on luxury private jets for politicians. It’s time for Buttigieg to take responsibility for his actions and to show some respect for the people he is supposed to be representing.

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