REPORT: State Dept. Announces Shady ‘Pandemic Accord’

The commitment to the “Pandemic Accord” was recently announced by the United States State Department, emphasizing the importance of U.S. involvement in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ambassador Pamela Hamamot, the U.S. Negotiator for the Pandemic Accord, the United States aims to establish a comprehensive Pandemic Accord that enhances capabilities, decreases zoonotic disease-related pandemic threats, enables swift and fair responses, and creates sustainable financing, governance, and accountability mechanisms to ultimately put an end to the cycle of fear and disregard.

Regrettably, the State Department’s dedication to the Pandemic Accord appears to have a concealed motive of advocating for abortion and promoting “equity” among nations. As per Hamamot, committing to “equity” must tackle disparities not just between nations, but also within them, encompassing safeguarding populations from pandemics as well as from sickness, fatalities, and interrupted access to critical healthcare services, including sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

It is not unexpected that the State Department is advocating for the Pandemic Accord, as it would offer them increased funding and collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the WHO contributed to the pandemic by shielding the Chinese Communist Party, even after receiving alerts from Taiwan about the human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus. The WHO relied on untrustworthy and deceitful official Chinese government sources and opposed curbs on international air travel, which eventually resulted in the catastrophic pandemic we are currently experiencing.

The dedication to the Pandemic Accord coincides with the Department of Energy’s recent conclusion that the COVID-19 outbreak originated from a laboratory, which raises significant doubts about the State Department’s commitment to the Accord. It appears that the State Department is prioritizing the promotion of abortion and “equity” over addressing the actual origin of the pandemic.

The promotion of abortion and “equity” by the WHO, at the expense of tackling the origin of the pandemic, should not be endorsed by the United States. The State Department’s commitment to the Pandemic Accord appears to be motivated by political factors and does not give priority to resolving the pandemic. Instead of squandering time and resources on promoting abortion and “equity,” the United States should concentrate on discovering a resolution to the pandemic and holding China responsible for their involvement in permitting its spread.

Source: Townhall

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