Mayorkas Blamed for Fentanyl Crisis by Grieving Mom!

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas seems to be starting his year off on the wrong foot. Apparently, he can’t catch a break, and it’s no surprise given his track record. According to Breitbart, during a recent congressional hearing, Angel Mom Josephine Dunn went on the offensive, blaming Mayorkas for her daughter’s tragic fentanyl overdose. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

Let’s set the stage for this dramatic showdown. Mayorkas had the opportunity to speak with Dunn and another Angel Mom named Tammy Nobles, but he decided to decline the invitation. Well, that certainly didn’t go over well. Not only is Mayorkas being accused of negligence and incompetence, but now he’s also being criticized for turning down a chance to hear firsthand accounts of the devastating consequences of his border policies. Way to go, Mr. Mayorkas!

During the testimony, Dunn didn’t hold back. She unequivocally laid the blame for her daughter’s death at Mayorkas’s feet. She argued that his border policies are responsible for allowing massive amounts of deadly fentanyl to flood into our country. Arizona has become the superhighway for this poison, and Mayorkas’s open-border policy is like rolling out the red carpet for drug traffickers.

Dunn didn’t stop there. She made it clear that she believes the Biden administration isn’t doing enough to address the fentanyl crisis. With over 100,000 American deaths caused by this lethal drug two years in a row, you’d think they would take it seriously. But no, they’re too busy playing politics and neglecting their duty to protect American lives.

It’s not just about policy failures. Dunn was hurt and disappointed that Mayorkas couldn’t be bothered to show up and listen to her testimony. Can you believe it? This is a grieving mother pouring out her heartache, and Mayorkas thinks he has better things to do. How heartless can one person be? It’s clear that Dunn’s family is shattered, and all she wanted was for Mayorkas to face the consequences of his disastrous decisions.

Dunn’s powerful testimony resonates with millions of Americans who understand the critical need for a secure border. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to the fentanyl superhighway and the destruction it brings. But sadly, it seems like the Biden administration doesn’t care. They’re more interested in pushing their own agenda than keeping our country safe. It’s time for them to wake up and address this crisis before more lives are shattered.

Written by Staff Reports

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