Midterm Fallout: Some Conservative Media Urge the GOP to “Dump Trump”

In the wake of the disappointing midterm results, many conservative media outlets called on the party to “dump Trump” from the party’s plans for 2024.

In an op-ed published on Wednesday, Charles Cooke, a National Review contributor, called on Trump step aside and even went further by saying “Trump is a loser”.

Cooke noted that the president barely beat unpopular Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then lost to Joe Biden in 2020. Trump also hand-picked several Republican candidates for the 2022 presidential elections that mostly lost.

Despite endorsing hundreds of candidates during the midterm elections, many of those who were in key states failed to win. This has cast doubt on Trump’s role as the party’s kingmaker.

Despite these losses, many expect Trump to launch his presidential campaign for 2024 within the next week.

Some news outlets are urging the Republican Party to embrace alternatives, such as Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who won a resounding victory on Tuesday.

Cooke praised DeSantis for his victory and criticized Trump for his “establishment gate-keeping”. He also called out the president for warning the governor about running against him in 2024.

Even Fox News, which had been one of Trump’s favorites, started questioning his future in the party.

Marc Thiessen, a Fox News contributor, criticized the Republican Party for failing to ride a red wave despite the rising crime rate, the increasing cost of living, and the unfavorable ratings of President Joe Biden.

According to Thiessen, the voters rejected the Republican Party’s alternative. The results of the election showed that the party is in disarray. He called it an absolute disaster and said the party should conduct an introspection.

The Washington Examiner also noted that the voters have started to move away from Trump.

The Examiner also noted that Trump resorted to attacking the candidates of the Republican Party as the results of the election rolled in. He was partly responsible for the party’s losses. Without his actions, Biden and the Democrats would have been widely criticized by voters.

According to Steven Schier, a political scientist, the poor showing of Trump’s endorsed candidates could cause the Republican Party to get into a state of disarray.

He noted that the party is in trouble between now and 2024, as the RINO and the MAGA candidates are battling each other for control.

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