Mike Pompeo BLASTS Schiff For ‘Leaking Classified Information’

Mike Pompeo, who was the US Secretary of State, accused Adam Schiff, the House's Intelligence Committee's top Democrat, of leaking classified details.

During an interview on Fox News, Pompeo criticized Schiff's tenure as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He claimed that he didn't feel comfortable working with him.

During his time as the CIA's director, Pompeo said that he knew that Schiff had been leaking classified information. He refused to provide any details regarding the nature of the information that he allegedly leaked.

Despite his position, Pompeo defended himself regarding his decision not to take action against the lawmaker. He stated that it was a complicated process and it was hard to pin down exactly what happened.

In response, the team of Adam Schiff criticized Pompeo's statements. They called them false and defamatory.

The spokesperson for Schiff called Pompeo's statements about the lawmaker's alleged leaking "defamatory and patently false." Lauren French noted that the media should stop reporting these false claims about Schiff.

This week, McCarthy removed Schiff and fellow California congressman Eric Swalwell from their committees.

According to McCarthy, he decided to remove the two congressmen from their committees due to their misleading statements regarding the investigation into former President Donald Trump's ties with Russia.

This came after the Democrat running for Senate in California announced his candidacy. He stated that he would be a fighter for the country's democracy.

The decision to remove Swalwell from his committees came after he was accused of having an affair with a Chinese spy.

In addition, McCarthy also stated that he would remove Ilhan Omar from her position on the Foreign Affairs committee.

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