WATCH: Swalwell Makes Strange Threat After Being Kicked Off Committee

On Wednesday, Swalwell criticized House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for removing him and fellow California Congressman Adam Schiff from the House Committee on Intelligence.

In a statement, McCarthy said that due to their past behavior, they were not qualified to be on the powerful panel. Swalwell noted that McCarthy's statement had led to death threats, and he accused the Majority Leader of discriminating against him.

"Despite the threats that he and his colleagues have received, Swalwell stated that they would not stop fighting against the smears that McCarthy has been carrying out against them. He said that he expected the Majority Leader to regret his actions, but at the end of the day, their goal is to restore the House's credibility."

On Tuesday, McCarthy criticized the way Adam Schiff handled his position as the chairman of the Intel Committee. He said that the California congressman had abused his position by lying to the American people about various controversies. He also said that he would not allow Swalwell and Schiff to join other committees.

According to Swalwell, McCarthy's decision to remove him and fellow California Congressman Adam Schiff from the Intel Committee was based on a claim that an independent fact checker gave him four Pinocchios. He noted that the members of the Gang of 8 who appointed him to the panel had access to the same information that McCarthy was distorting.

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