Mills Saves 32 Americans: Biden Debacle Leaves Hero to Rescue Abandoned Citizens in Israel

In a stunning display of bravery and patriotism, Republican Congressman Cory Mills from the great state of Florida once again stepped up to the plate while the Biden administration continued to fumble and fail. Just like he did in 2021 when he led a heroic mission to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, Mills took it upon himself to do “Biden’s job” in Israel after the horrific Hamas terror attack.

While the rest of the world watched in horror as innocent Israelis were killed, injured, and kidnapped, Mills was already on the ground, working tirelessly to rescue stranded Americans. Late at night, with grit and determination, he answered the desperate calls of panicked Americans who had been abandoned by the State Department. These Americans had tried reaching out for help, only to be met with silence and indifference from an administration more interested in destroying our economy with radical “Green New Deals” than protecting its own citizens.

Mills, a true American hero and combat veteran, didn’t mince words when he called out the Biden administration for its pathetic response to the crisis. He pointed out the obvious: weakness invites aggression. And with the Biden administration displaying nothing but weakness on the international stage, countries like Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea are salivating at the opportunity to prey upon us.

It’s no surprise that Mills had to take matters into his own hands yet again. The Biden administration is too busy appeasing the radical left with their obsession with wokeness to prioritize the safety and security of Americans. While they preach about diversity and inclusion, our enemies sense weakness and are ready to pounce. But thankfully, we have courageous leaders like Congressman Mills who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.

In just one day, Mills rescued 32 Americans from the danger zone. But he’s not stopping there. He’s planning to continue his mission to save even more innocent lives. It’s a shame that an elected official has to do the job the President should be doing, but that’s the sad reality under the Biden administration.

This remarkable display of leadership from Congressman Mills highlights the stark contrast between statesmen like him and the mere politicians who only know how to talk. While Biden and his cronies blabber on about their grand plans, Mills is out there in the trenches, getting things done. Republicans like Mills prove time and time again that they are the ones who truly prioritize the freedoms and safeties of Americans. It’s no wonder why conservative Americans continue to put their trust in leaders like him.

Written by Staff Reports

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