NYC Hospitals on the Brink: Surge of Illegals Pushes Them to Limit!

New York City is facing a dire situation as hospitals and medical centers are flooded with thousands of illegal migrants pouring in from the southern border. The data from New York City Health + Hospitals reveals that in 2023 alone, nearly 30,000 “undocumented” migrants flocked to medical centers across five different boroughs. Dr. Ted Long, a senior vice president for New York City Health + Hospitals, expressed his exhaustion, stating that this has been the hardest work he has ever done.

The overwhelming number of migrants has caused a strain on the already limited resources available for healthcare, housing, food, clothing, and other needs. The taxpayers are the ones ultimately bearing the burden of this crisis, as they are forced to foot the bill directly or indirectly. It is difficult for Americans to turn away those in need, but this situation has reached an absurd point. The blame falls squarely on President Joe Biden, who refuses to address the issue and effectively secure the border.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City took a trip to Mexico to plead with the Mexican government to stop the flow of migrants into his city. Even Democrat leaders are warning about the ruinous consequences of the migrant crisis on New York City, despite some still clinging to the notion of maintaining a “sanctuary” status. The city is struggling to accommodate almost 10,000 migrants, courtesy of Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to ship them to “sanctuary cities.” The situation is so dire that approximately 100 hotels have been converted into shelters for migrants.

It is frustrating to see New York City officials failing to fight for the necessary federal resources to handle the crisis. Mayor Adams will continue his efforts by visiting Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia to address the root causes of this influx. Since last year, over 113,000 undocumented migrants have flooded New York after crossing the southern border. If immediate action is not taken, the migrant crisis will continue to devastate New York City and the entire country. It’s time for Biden to step up and address this issue before it collapses the city.

Written by Staff Reports

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