MSNBC Host Corrects Term to Undocumented, Ignites Debate with Heritage Chief

In the midst of the leftist circus, an MSNBC host, drowning in wokeness, rushed to correct her co-host after he dared to utter the term “illegal immigrant.” Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele had the audacity to engage with Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, on the topic of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Symone Sanders-Townsend, Steele’s co-host, couldn’t stand it. She leapt in, asserting the progressive lexicon. In a hushed tone that seemed to suggest a sacred writ, she decreed they must be called “undocumented individuals.”

Roberts, however, was having none of it. He acknowledged the preferred euphemism but swiftly pointed out that they are still illegal aliens. Clearly, he wasn’t buying into the liberal fantasy where changing words somehow transforms reality.

Following her virtue-signalling interruption, Steele dutifully adhered to the leftist language police, referring to the group as “undocumented individuals.” He attempted to push Roberts on the notion of condemning an entire community based on the misdeeds of a few, suggesting that some individuals’ wrongdoings shouldn’t tar the whole group. As if that isn’t exactly what liberals do to conservatives on a daily basis.

Sanders-Townsend, eager to display her grasp of cherry-picked statistics, claimed undocumented immigrants in Texas are 37.1% less likely to be convicted of crimes compared to native-born citizens. Roberts, armed with the harsh reality, cited tragic cases such as the murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal alien from Venezuela.

Roberts had the courage to ask the real question: what does one say to the victims’ families about this politically correct charade? In response, Sanders-Townsend accused Roberts of exploiting tragedies to vilify millions of undocumented individuals, throwing the typical leftist playbook of emotional manipulation into the mix.

Roberts wasn’t fazed, dismissing her claims as absurd. He shifted the spotlight onto the pressing issue: the Biden administration weaponizing the government against Americans. However, as far as the wokesters at MSNBC are concerned, real solutions and accountability are as elusive as their grasp on reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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