MSNBC Shames Republicans for Supporting Heroic Police Actions to Keep Schools Safe

The Liberal Media is at it again, folks. MSNBC host, Lawrence O’Donnell, is trying to shame Republicans for their sensible solutions to keep our schools safe! Simply put, they expect our police officers to act like heroes by tackling the shooter head-on, much like how members of the Nashville police department acted during a recent shooting at a private Christian school.

The brave police officers managed to stop the attack and take down the shooter, who happened to identify as transgender, within 14 minutes of the first 9-1-1 call. Although this was a tragic event with the loss of six lives, imagine if those officers had not responded quickly?! This same heroism should be expected of police officers everywhere at all times!

However, O’Donnell’s comments seemed to insinuate that Republicans do not care about the lives of our children. What a ridiculous and baseless claim! Republicans have been calling for better school security for years rather than letting our schools become soft targets. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather look the other way than oppose the radical gun grabbers within their own party.

Furthermore, the constant mass shootings have become a part of our daily news cycle, our lives, and the Democrats seem to believe that they have the answers to fix it. Perhaps if they stopped attacking Republicans for doing their job and instead put forth practical solutions that protect our schools, our children could be much safer.

It is beyond appalling that the Democrats would rather cut police budgets, restrict their funding, and even defund the police altogether. But then again, when it comes to the Democrats, they seem to have forgotten that the thin blue line is what stands between us and absolute chaos.

In conclusion, we should expect our police officers to act with valor in the face of danger, but it’s truly disheartening that Democrats and the Liberal Media can’t see the good sense in school resource officers and better funding for police as a solution to stop these terrible events from happening. Let’s keep our children safe and secure with actions that we know work, not just rhetoric that sounds good on camera.

Written by Staff Reports

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