MTG Makes 2024 Endorsement, Says We Need ‘More Mean Tweets’

On Saturday, conservative firebrand and rising GOP star Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) gave her full endorsement to former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election during the annual Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner in Putnam County, Ohio. And she didn’t stop there.

Greene even expressed her desire for more of Trump’s infamous “mean tweets,” claiming that they come with benefits such as “world peace,” “secure, strong borders,” and “supporting law enforcement and low crime.” “I would give anything for mean tweets right now,” Greene said.

“Those mean tweets also come from one of the most successful businessmen I’ve ever known in my life, and I love the economy we had under President Trump,” Greene added.

In addition to her support for Trump, Greene emphasized her belief in “America First” and showed frustration with the current state of the country, claiming that too much money is being spent on others while American streets are filled with homeless people and drug-related deaths are on the rise.

According to Greene, only Trump has the necessary list of people that need to be “cleaned out” in Washington D.C., and she eagerly awaits the former president’s return to social media so she can witness his signature “mean tweets” once again. “It’s time to be ‘America first,'” she said. “That might come with a few mean tweets and God bless Elon Musk for giving President Trump’s Twitter account back because I can’t wait for the first mean tweet.”

It’s no secret that Greene and Trump have a close relationship that goes back several years. Greene has been a vocal supporter of Trump since his 2016 presidential campaign and has praised him for his “America first” policies and his strong stance on immigration. Trump has also shown support for Greene, tweeting that she is a “future Republican star” and praising her for her “fight against the Radical Left.”

And while Trump’s social media accounts were suspended following the Capitol riot, it seems that things may be looking up. In April, Trump made a return to Instagram after his account was deactivated in 2021. The former president has also returned to Facebook and Instagram. Trump was even reinstated on Twitter but has yet to Tweet since his ban.

No matter what, Greene and Trump stand united in their commitment to the conservative movement and the Republican Party. And with Greene’s full endorsement, it’s clear that the 2024 election will be one to remember.

Written by Staff Reports

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