NAACP Urges Biden to Pardon Marilyn Mosby, Claims Unfair Prosecution

The NAACP and fourteen other civil rights organizations recently pleaded with President Joe Biden to pardon Marilyn Mosby, a former Baltimore state's attorney who was found guilty of perjury and mortgage fraud. Mosby was found guilty of deception in connection with financial hardships brought on by the epidemic, fabricating a mortgage application in order to obtain a cheaper interest rate, and taking money out of her city retirement account in order to make a down payment on vacation homes in Florida. Although her sentencing is set for May 23, she might spend as much as 40 years behind bars.

According to the NAACP letter, Mosby was unfairly singled out by the Department of Justice during the Trump administration and was the focus of "political" and "malicious" prosecution. The groups lament the misuse of authority in the previous administration and assert that the U.S. Department of Justice under the current administration disregarded a blatantly obvious political motivation for the case.

According to the letter, Mosby was the subject of a federal inquiry as a result of her combative behavior toward the previous president Donald Trump. The organizations contend that Mosby's allegations were unfair, pointing out that hundreds of other people withdrew their retirement accounts without being charged in a comparable manner.

Even while the Trump administration is being held accountable, it's crucial to remember that Erek Barron, a Democratic U.S. attorney, filed the charges against Mosby, and a judge appointed by President Biden has been handling the case.

Mosby has been vigorously advocating for President Biden to pardon him in recent weeks, collecting 9,000 signatures on an internet petition.

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