Navalny’s Death Incites Russia Protests; Putin’s Iron Fist Clamps Down

The death of Alexei Navalny, a prominent figure in the Russian opposition movement, has sparked protests and arrests across the country. The conservative news outlet reports that hundreds of people have been detained by Russian authorities as they mourn the passing of Navalny. This news comes as no surprise to those who oppose the oppressive regime of President Vladimir V. Putin, but it is another reminder of the lengths to which the Kremlin will go to silence dissent.

Reports from Russia’s prison service claim that Navalny, a vocal critic of Putin, died in a prison colony after feeling unwell and losing consciousness. However, many see this as a convenient story to cover up the true cause of his death. The Kremlin’s attempts to suppress Navalny and his followers have only intensified since his passing, with hundreds of detentions and arbitrary arrests.

In one instance, a man in Surgut, Western Siberia, was reportedly beaten by officers during a five-hour detention after leaving flowers at a memorial for Navalny. This kind of brutal treatment at the hands of Russian authorities is appalling but sadly not unexpected. The Putin regime has a long history of using force and intimidation to maintain its grip on power.

Even in Moscow, two men were detained for having a photograph of Navalny in their possession, showing the extent to which the Putin administration will go to quash any form of opposition. This heavy-handed approach to dissent is a clear sign of Putin’s authoritarian rule and disregard for basic freedoms.

To make matters worse, even a bishop in St. Petersburg was detained and later hospitalized after suffering a stroke in police custody. This kind of unjust treatment of peaceful protesters and mourners is unacceptable and shows the true nature of Putin’s Russia. The conservative news outlet condemns the actions of the Russian government in the strongest possible terms and calls for international pressure to hold Putin and his regime accountable for their oppressive tactics.

Even President Biden has weighed in on the situation, placing the blame squarely on Putin and his regime for Navalny’s death. This kind of international condemnation is crucial in holding the Russian government accountable for its actions and sending a message that the world will not stand idly by while basic human rights are trampled upon.


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