NBA Coach Goes on Anti-Second Amendment Rant

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, known for his anti-conservative rants, has once again gone on a tirade against the Second Amendment. During a recent pregame media availability, Popovich disrespected the idea of the Second Amendment, calling it a “myth” and a “joke.” His words come in the wake of the recent Nashville shooting, which was committed by a transgender individual.

Popovich targeted Texas officials, including Governor and Lieutenant Governor, in his outrageous remarks, referencing how they made it easier for residents to own guns. He criticized their decision to make gun ownership more accessible in response to the deaths of several children in the state, calling it a “strange decision.”

He then continued his anti-conservative rhetoric, insinuating that Republicans are using the Second Amendment to hide their hypocrisy. Popovich brazenly denied that the Second Amendment has anything to do with “freedom” and called it a “game they play.”

His incendiary remarks continued, claiming that children are not free to socialize or learn in school due to the rampant fear of gun violence. He took a potshot at Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) proposal to expand school resource officers, claiming that it would lead to an “unhealthy environment.”

Popovich’s comments come across as insensitive, especially given that the Nashville shooting claimed the lives of six innocent people. Victims were identified as three 9-year-olds: Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, as well as Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Mike Hill, all aged over 60.

Popovich clearly does not care about the lives of law-abiding citizens or their constitutional rights. It is about time the NBA takes a stand towards Popovich’s wanton disregard for decency, fairness and the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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