New Lawsuit EXPOSES Biden Family DOJ Coverup


According to the lawsuit, the Department of Justice deliberately concealed hundreds of pages of documents that show the scope of the Biden family's business dealings with foreign companies.

The Daily Mail reported that Kevin Evans, a Colorado lawyer, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice in March of last year after it failed to provide him with the documents he requested under the Freedom of Information Act. He was seeking information related to the business activities of the Biden family, including the communication between the president's son Hunter and various foreign entities.

During a court hearing, the government admitted that it had at least 400 pages of documents that could be relevant to the case. However, it later claimed that it could not confirm or deny the existence of these documents. The next hearing in the case will be held in January.

According to Evans, he filed his request under the Freedom of Information Act in November 2020. He said he was motivated to sue the government after it failed to provide him with the documents he was seeking due to the Biden Administration's stonewalling.

"He noted that the government eventually produced around 60 pages of documents. However, they were all letters sent by congressmen and senators asking about Hunter. Around the end of the year, the government informed him that it had 400 pages of responsive documents."

"Despite the government's efforts to avoid providing the documents, Evans noted that he did not think that the government should have to produce these documents. He said that he was not surprised that the government had revealed that it had hundreds of pages of responsive documents."

Despite the government's attempts to hide the details of the Biden family's foreign business activities, they have been widely publicized. One of the most infamous examples is Hunter Biden, who was hired by a Ukrainian energy firm called Burisma Holdings.

When the company was first accused of corruption by Ukraine's Prosecutor-General, Joe Biden pressured Petro Poroshenko to fire the head of the company, Viktor Shokin. Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from the country if Shokin was not removed.

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