New Poll Shows Even DEMS Don’t Want Biden 2024

The AP-NORC poll released today showed that most Democrats don't want Joe Biden to run for a second term. Only a third of Democrats said they would like to see him get another term, and the number of Republicans who said the same was virtually impossible to believe based on their polling.

This drop in support for Biden among Democrats is significant, especially after his low numbers in the weeks prior to the midterms. There is also little desire for him to be replaced.

"""Despite Biden's insistence that he'll run for another term in 2024, a majority of Democrats think that one term is enough for him.

A new poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center shows that only 37% of Democrats support Biden's desire to seek another term. This is a significant drop from the 52% who said they wanted him to run for a second term during the weeks before the midterms.

Despite Biden's positive statements about his ability to govern and legislative achievements, the poll showed that few Americans give him high marks."""

The main reason why Biden's support among Democrats has collapsed is due to his age, according to follow-up interviews. Many of these people cited his various ailments, such as his coughing and gait, as well as his propensity for making inappropriate comments. I think it's time for Biden to stop making these types of mistakes.

Although Biden's habit of shaking hands with people who are invisible may have been amusing for a while, is he the person Americans want to be in charge of the nuclear codes?

Joe Biden has left the Democrats with a difficult choice: either they support him in public, knowing that he could cost the party the White House in the 2020 election, or they let him go.

If Biden doesn't resign by his own accord, then someone will have to challenge him in a primary. Although some people, such as Bernie Sanders, are already running for the presidency, it's not clear who would be the best candidate to take on Biden.

Despite the drop in support for Biden, NBC News claimed that some of the Democratic Party's top operatives are still supporting him for a second term in 2024.

"""During a campaign-style rally on Friday, Biden asked some of the country's Democratic power brokers if they support him.

The chants of "four more years!" and loud approval from the crowd indicated that they were still supporting Biden for another term."""

Although I'm sure that the President was pleased with the support Biden received, we should also include a reality check. During the meeting of the Democratic National Committee, many of the party's top operatives were not able to show their support for Biden because they were afraid that they would look like they were not a team player.

If another candidate decides to join the race, then they'll have to act quickly. Since most of the Democrats are still supporting Biden, they'll be sticking with him if he launches his reelection campaign later this month without getting the necessary preparation.

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