LOL: Buttigieg Blames Biden Approval Numbers On TOO MANY ‘Accomplishments’

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, made the bizarre statement about Joe Biden's popularity during an appearance on Chuck Todd's show on Sunday. He said that Americans don't like him because they can't keep up with his many achievements.

In response to a question about Joe Biden's poor approval ratings, Todd noted that despite having the support of the mainstream media, his appeal has not reached the American public.

According to Buttigieg, Biden's numerous achievements during his term have not sold themselves. He noted that it would be hard to rank them in a single list.

His bizarre statement can be seen below.

He also appeared on CNN to talk about Biden and the state of the US economy. During a discussion, he made a misleading statement about the country's economy.

"When asked about the state of the American economy, Buttigieg noted that Biden's various achievements during his first two years in office have been impressive. He noted that the country was going through a difficult time before he took office."

"In response to a question, Buttigieg stated that Biden's achievements during his term have been exceptional. He noted that he was able to accomplish them under difficult circumstances."

According to a recent survey, over 40% of Americans are now financially worse off than they were two year ago. This is the worst figure in the history of this survey.


The Biden administration should stop lying to Americans, as this survey shows how much of them are in financial trouble.

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