New Republican Bill Bans ELECTRIC Cars Instead Of Gas

Due to the ban on the sale of new cars in California and other states, Wyoming is not following suit.

Last week, Republican lawmakers in a state introduced a bill that would prohibit the sale of new electric cars by 2035. According to the bill, the use of gas-powered vehicles has allowed Wyoming businesses and industries to move their goods and resources efficiently across the country. However, the state's lack of charging infrastructure makes it difficult for electric cars to be used.

The bill states that the increasing number of electric cars will have detrimental effects on the state's economy and the country's ability to efficiently engage in trade.

The bill also states that the state should encourage recycling and the disposal of used electric batteries. Despite the negative effects of electric cars, Republicans insist that the resolution is a political statement. The last line of the bill directs the secretary to send a copy to California's governor.

Although some might say the resolution is tongue-in-cheek, Brian Boner, a state senator from Wyoming, noted that the issue is very serious. As for the climate crisis, he said that he wants to make sure that the solutions are practical. He also noted that he doesn't appreciate the efforts of other states to force technology that is not yet ready.

State Senator Jim Anderson, who authored the bill, stated that he does not have a problem with electric cars.

However, he criticized California's ban on the sale of petroleum-powered vehicles. More than a dozen other states have also followed suit. According to Anderson, he decided to introduce the resolution to send a message to the other states that are banning the sale of electric cars.

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