Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Biden’s $500k Wall At Private Beach House

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Joe Biden is building a wall around his beach house, which is costing around $500,000. The American people have reportedly helped pay for it.

The large and expensive beach property of Biden was recently reconstructed with privacy fencing that featured tall white fences and large gray stone pillars. The property features a half-wall of gray stones that leads to a driveway opening.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden’s wall cost nearly half a million dollars.

The report noted that the metal containers that were placed along the southern border by former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey were removed by the Biden administration. These containers were used as a de facto border wall. The cost of Biden's wall is reportedly higher than its original price due to delays in the supply chain and inflation.

The project for Biden's wall was first reported in 2021 after the DHS permitted the use of security barriers at the beach house of the president. Joe Biden's beach house has walls that work, but not the southern border, according to Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio.

Last week, Biden made his first visit to the border since he took over the White House. He was there to promote various immigration policies that were announced by Trump. One of these included the continued implementation of the Title 42 policy, which allows for the deportation of Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Cuban nationals. The Republican Party in Washington criticized Biden for using the border wall constructed by Trump as a "photo op."

The Mexican President's recent statements have challenged the claims made by the Biden administration regarding its support for border security.

During a press briefing, Mexican President Andres Manuel Obrador praised Biden for being the first president in a long time to not build a wall. He also thanked the former vice president for his efforts in fighting against illegal immigration.

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