Newsom’s Praise for Biden Shows Delusional Optimism Ahead of 2024 Debate

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) showcased his delusional optimism in Atlanta ahead of the 2024 presidential debate, giving a glowing review of Biden’s capabilities that only a die-hard Democrat could muster. Newsom emphasized the importance of strength and clarity in the debate, conveniently brushing aside Biden’s track record of weakness both on the world stage and on domestic issues. It’s a classic case of selective amnesia when it comes to acknowledging Trump’s successes in maintaining peace through strength during his administration.

Despite Newsom’s attempt to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s supposed clarity of message, the reality is far from it. Biden’s stumbling speeches and incoherent statements have become a staple of his tenure, leaving many scratching their heads rather than nodding in agreement. Newsom’s praise for Biden’s debate strategy only serves to highlight his own detachment from the harsh truths that conservative Americans have been witnessing for far too long. 


Newsom’s assertion that the lack of an audience benefits Biden only reveals his bias and wishful thinking. By attempting to downplay the significance of an audience in a debate, Newsom conveniently sidesteps the potential impact of real-time reactions from the American people. It’s a convenient narrative that conveniently aligns with the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to control the narrative and shield Biden from facing any real scrutiny.

As Newsom basks in his admiration for Biden’s debating skills honed over decades, he conveniently overlooks the stark contrast between the two candidates. While Biden may have the experience, it’s Trump’s legacy of action over rhetoric that truly resonates with conservative Americans. Newsom’s own failed debate with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) serves as a cautionary tale of empty words and hollow promises that characterize his political career.

In the end, Newsom’s presence in the spin room for Biden only reinforces his penchant for grandiose speeches that lack substance. While he may excel in talking the talk, his inability to walk the walk for California speaks volumes. As conservative Americans gear up for the 2024 election cycle, Newsom’s blind loyalty to the Democratic agenda may prove to be his political undoing in the eyes of those who prioritize results over rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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