Trump Outshines Biden in Debate as Biden Struggles to Stay Coherent

In tonight’s episode of “The Show Must Go On But Maybe Biden Shouldn’t,” we witnessed a performance that left many wondering if they had accidentally tuned into a rerun from 2020. Joe Biden seemed to be on autopilot, regurgitating the same old talking points while struggling to string together coherent sentences. It was like watching a broken record trying to play a new tune.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was in classic form, exuding confidence and clarity on key issues like abortion. While Biden attempted to paint Trump as a radical on the topic, Trump’s moderate stance left Biden grasping at straws. The contrast between the two candidates couldn’t have been more stark.

Biden’s desperate and erratic behavior didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, with some likening his performance to that of a teenager on a forensics team. It was clear that Biden was grasping for a lifeline, resorting to flat-out lies about late-term abortion in a futile attempt to gain ground.

As the debate wore on, Trump’s energy and conviction only seemed to grow, leaving us wondering how the mainstream media would spin this debacle in Biden’s favor. With Biden looking more like a puppet reading from a teleprompter in his mind, the prospect of a Harris presidency seemed all too real.

In the end, one thing was abundantly clear – when it comes to leadership and clarity of message, Trump stood head and shoulders above Biden. The choice for voters in November couldn’t be more obvious.

Written by Staff Reports

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