Nightmare Scenario Could Give Us 10 Years Of President Kamala Harris

If Joe Biden leaves office before January 20, 2019, Kamala Harris would become the next president. According to the 22nd amendment, the vice president would serve out the remainder of his term.

Due to his age and his deteriorating cognitive capabilities, Biden is already considered a "lame duck" by Democrats. With Republicans planning on launching investigations into his possible corruption, and Biden mishandling classified information, it's not looking good for him to serve a second term.

If Biden gets impeached, Harris would become the next president, as reported by Randy Desoto of The Western Journal. Mike Davis, who used to work for the Senate Judiciary Committee, noted that if Biden leaves office before January 20, 2019, Harris would be able to complete his term. She would also be allowed to run for another term.

According to Davis, Harris would be able to serve out her remaining four-year term. The 22nd amendment states that the president can serve out the rest of his term. He noted that if Biden leaves office before the 22nd amendment was passed, Harris would only be able to serve out a single 4-year term.

The amendment states that a president can only serve two terms in office. However, if the individual has served less than two years, they can still run for another term. In 1963, following the death of President John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was able to complete his last year and successfully run for re-election. Although Johnson was allowed to run for another term in 1968, he decided not to seek a second term due to the unpopularity of his presidency.

In 1974, following the resignation of President Richard Nixon, Vice President Gerald Ford served the last two years of Nixon's term. Although he narrowly lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976, Ford would not have been able to run for re-election in 1980. He had already served two full years of Nixon's term.

A survey conducted earlier this month revealed that Harris would lose to Donald Trump if he became the Republican nominee. She would also face off against Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor. It's unlikely that Biden would be forced out of office before January 20, which would allow Harris to become the next president in 2023.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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