Over 80 Sheriffs REFUSE To Enforce New Gun Control Law

Over 80 sheriffs in Illinois have refused to enforce the state's new ban on assault weapons.

According to a report by Breitbart, the new law signed by Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois requires people who already own semiautomatic rifles to register them with the State Police.

The governor's office noted that the law will help law enforcers identify the owners of semi-automatic weapons and ensure that they are not stolen or used for illegal purposes.

After the law was passed, Darby Boewe, the Sheriff of Edwards County, stated that his department would no longer enforce the ban.

"As a law enforcer, I believe that it is my responsibility to protect the rights granted to everyone in the Constitution. According to him, the right to keep and carry arms for personal defense is an inalienable part of the Second Amendment. He also stated that the new law was a clear violation of the Constitution."

Since then, over 80 sheriffs across the state of Illinois have also stated that they would not enforce the new ban. This means that the majority of counties in the state will not treat the new law as legitimate.

In response to a recent Supreme Court ruling, several state governments have passed strict anti-gun legislation. One of these is the ban on assault weapons that Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois has signed. This law was passed following a ruling in June that found that a century-old New York law requiring people to show "proper cause" when applying for a concealed carry permit was unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court ruling led to the formation of several new state laws aimed at circumventing the ruling.

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