Oof! Forgetful Joe Once Again Calls Kamala “President”

This week, Joe Biden was criticized by the right for once again referring to his VP Kamala Harris, as President.

During a press briefing at the White House, Biden and Harris talked about the new policies the administration is implementing at the US’ Mexico border. Ms. Harris has been criticized by Republicans for not being able to visit the border to meet with the migrants.

In a clip that was shared by right-wing groups, Biden referred to Harris as the President. He said that she led the effort to address the issue of immigration.

Despite his mistake, Biden continued to refer to Harris as the President. He said that she led the effort to improve the situation in the countries where migrants are coming from.

Right-wing commentators and media outlets used Biden’s slipup to criticize him, as it showed that he is 80 years old and has dementia.

A former White House physician for Donald Trump criticized Biden’s performance during the press briefing. He said that he was struggling with his words .

Written by Staff Reports

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