REPORT: New House GOP Investigating ‘Abuse Of Power’ From Federal Agencies

As the Republicans prepare to take over the House of Representatives following the election of a new majority, they intend to establish a subcommittee to investigate alleged abuses of power by various federal agencies.

The investigation will be carried out by a new panel within the House Judiciary Committee. It's reportedly called the "Select Subcommittee on the Federal Government's Weaponization."

One of the main factors that prompted the formation of the panel is the widespread backlash following the release of the "Twitter Files," which detailed the company's collaboration with the FBI and other federal agencies to suppress conservative voices. Since buying Twitter, Elon Musk has vowed to make the platform more transparent and to be more friendly to free speech.

The scope of the panel's investigation will reportedly focus on the FBI, the Justice Department, and the intelligence community. It's believed that these agencies have been communicating directly with Twitter employees. One of the main issues that will be investigated by the panel is the failure of the Justice Department to establish its own information governance board.

The name of the project, which was supposed to be led by Nina Jankowicz, as well as her apparent political leanings, prevented the Justice Department from implementing the plan.

Kevin McCarthy, who is one of the leading candidates to become the next House speaker, has already met with congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan to discuss the panel's investigation. As the next chair of the Committee on Judiciary, Jordan is expected to oversee the investigation.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives will be taking power following the inauguration of the new Congress on January 3.

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