Pelosi Says That She Has “Strong Leverage Over The Small Republican Majority.” What Does She Mean By This?

Nancy Pelosi will no longer be able to serve as the speaker of the House after the Democrats lost the elections. She stated that the party has leverage due to its small majority.

According to her, the House Democrats were able to exceed her expectations, and many analysts had predicted that the Republicans would gain more seats.

With a small majority in the House, Democrats are not able to pass their agenda. According to her, they will continue supporting the President's policies.

According to her, the Republicans will gain a majority of around 222 seats in the House. This is the same number as the previous Congress.

Pelosi is planning on addressing her future plans soon.

ABC News reported:

A spokesperson for the House Democratic leader stated that she will hold a press conference on Thursday to talk about her future plans. Her position as the leader of the party will have a huge impact on its minority status.

Drew Hammill, a representative of the Democratic leader, stated that she is overwhelmed by the messages she has received. She plans on addressing the caucus on Thursday.

It's not clear when the floor speech will be delivered. However, according to Rachel Scott of ABC News, she has been given two different versions of it.

Why does Pelosi think Democrats will have “strong leverage” despite losing the House?

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