Pentagon Says No Evidence so Far that UFOs are Alien

The US Department of Defense’s new office that’s focused on investigating the unknown aerial phenomena (UAPs) has received a slew of reports so far, but it doesn’t have reason to believe that the phenomenon is alien.

The agency unveiled new insights into the phenomenon during a press conference held last Friday. The AARO, which was established in July, was launched following a previous effort that was launched in November 2021.

According to Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the office’s director, they’ve been able to establish a number of mechanisms that allow them to receive reports related to the phenomena.

Although he wouldn’t provide a specific number, he noted that the number of reports received by the office has exceeded the number reported in the Pentagon’s previous UAP report. The most important aspect of the investigations is the origin of the objects and their possible presence in the world.

Officials from the AARO stated that there’s no evidence indicating that the objects spotted in the sea of reports are alien. They noted that at this time, they have nothing to show for the sightings.

For many people, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is the driving force behind the UAP phenomenon. They believe that the government is hiding evidence of an alien presence. The AARO’s director stated that his office is dedicated to providing the public with the necessary transparency and openness.

During the press conference, the director of the AARO stated that if the objects spotted in the sky are truly alien, the office will analyze and take the appropriate steps to determine their origin. For his part, the physicist noted that he adheres to the scientific method and will follow the data collected by the agency.

Although extraterrestrials have been ruled out at this time, physicist Joe Moultrie noted that there will be many possible explanations for the sightings. Some of these include technological or prosaic explanations.

Although he noted that there are certain objects that appear to have unusual flight dynamics, Kirkpatrick noted that these could be the result of an unintentional error. He also noted that the AARO is currently investigating several cases where the objects appeared to have unusual behavior.

For UFO researchers, the most compelling aspect of the investigations is the possibility that the government is secretly holding alien craft.

According to Moultrie, the AARO is currently carrying out a review of the various programs that the Department of Defense has been carrying out. He noted that so far, he has not seen anything indicating that the government is holding extraterrestrials. He went on to explain that the term holding refers to documents that have been written by individuals or pieces of paper that have been scratched.

Despite the negative effects of the Pentagon’s update on the UFO situation, many believe that the investigation is still going on. This is a great sign that the government is taking the issue seriously. For decades, the topic of alien life has been a taboo.

A report on the status of the investigation is expected to be released by the end of the year. This will provide the public with more details about the agency’s work. As with every UFO investigation, patience is required in order to get the results.

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