President Biden Caught In Yet ANOTHER Shameful Lie

Joe Biden has been lying to the American people for a long time. He has been caught doing this, and it's very disappointing for everyone.

Joe Biden made another fabrication about his time in the Catholic church, claiming that he would go to a black church after mass every morning when he was a teenager in Delaware.

During a visit to an African-American church in Atlanta, Biden shared his experiences with the congregation.

Biden claimed during his testimony that he had been a practicing Catholic. He said that he would usually attend mass at around 7:30 am. The members of the church said that Biden never visited their place of worship. The pastor, who passed away in 1996, was named Otis.

Biden made the same claim in October 2020 while visiting a church in South Carolina. Critics have accused Biden of taking advantage of the African-American community, especially after he criticized former President Donald Trump.

A reporter for the Washington Beacon asked Biden about his church attendance. The assistant of the pastor, who had been working with Biden for a long time, said that he had never been to the Union Baptist Church.

In 2020, Biden once again claimed that he was a member of a historically black church. He made this claim during a speech at an NAACP gathering in Iowa. During his testimony, Biden stated that he would talk to the pastor of the church to plan out the congregation's various plans.

Biden has been dubbed as a serial liar, and this only further proves the claim. 

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