Pritzker Scoffs at Biden’s Poll Plunge, Defends Prez in Iowa Showdown

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker ain’t sweating it over President Joe Biden’s approval ratings taking a nosedive. The guv popped up on This Week to toss some shade at the latest Ipsos/ABC poll that showed Biden’s rating plummeting to a measly 33%. And get this – Pritzker was chatting it up in Iowa, drumming up support for ol’ Joe.

Pritzker brushed off the poll as a total fluke, saying, “That poll’s about as believable as a unicorn, folks. This fight hasn’t even begun, ya know! We haven’t even seen a real showdown between a Republican and a Democrat.”

But hold up, host Jonathan Karl wasn’t having it. He whipped out some more data about how only 28% of folks think Biden has the mental chops for the gig. Nearly half of the peeps believe that former Prez Donald Trump, who’s sportin’ a solid 77 years, still has the smarts AND the physical stamina for the job.

Pritzker fired back, saying, “Hey, take a minute to remember that Joe’s got oodles of experience under his belt. When you talk about age, you gotta remember the wisdom that comes with it, and the empathy Joe’s shown over the years. Do you really think Trump’s learned any empathy in his whole life? Not a chance. Joe’s been rocking the empathy game like a boss.”

Oh, and don’t even get started on the part where this poll said them Republican-leaning peeps think Trump’s the most understanding dude out there. Nearly half of them think he’s the bee’s knees when it comes to feelin’ their pain.

And let’s not forget the cherry on top – if Biden snags another term, he’s gonna be pushing 86 by the end of it! The guy’s already the oldest sitting president, and he’s gonna keep rollin’ if he wins. Plus, he’s got his Dem challengers nippin’ at his heels, like Rep. Dean Phillips, author Marianne Williamson, and that YouTube news fella Cenk Uygur.


Written by Staff Reports

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