Swift Sings Sour Notes in Trump Tirade, Touts Tall Tales

Taylor Swift, the pop singer turned Democrat mouthpiece, is at it again with her wild Twitter rants and baseless accusations. In a recent outburst, she accused President Donald Trump of “stoking the fires of white supremacy” and threatened to vote him out in November. It’s no surprise that the mainstream media is lapping up her every word, as they love nothing more than a Hollywood celebrity bashing the President.

Swift’s tantrum came hot on the heels of a bizarre claim that the Pentagon was supposedly planning to use her as a tool to combat online misinformation. Are we expected to believe that the Pentagon, the pinnacle of national defense, has nothing better to do than turn a pop star into a cyber warrior? 

Of course, the leftist propaganda machine was quick to dismiss this theory as a baseless conspiracy. Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh even threw in some cringe-worthy references to Swift’s songs, as if that would somehow lend credibility to their denial. It’s like watching a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the face of overwhelming absurdity.

This is the same Taylor Swift who received a happy embrace from the Democrats when she decided to dive headfirst into politics. Her sudden transformation from pop princess to political pundit is about as convincing as a snake oil salesman. What’s next? Will she be delivering lectures on foreign policy and national security? It wouldn’t be any more far-fetched than the idea of the Pentagon enlisting her to fight cyber warfare.


Written by Staff Reports

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