Pro-Hamas Mob Attempts U.S. Airbase Invasion, Police Unleash Tear Gas!

In a disturbing display of anti-American and pro-Hamas sentiment, a mob in Turkey attempted to storm the Incirlik Air Base, which houses U.S. troops. The mob, organized by the Turkish Islamist Group known as the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, was part of a larger protest against America and Israel. It is deeply concerning that Turkey, a supposed ally of the United States through NATO, would allow such a violent and inflammatory protest to take place.

This incident highlights the rising anti-American sentiment in Turkey, fostered by none other than President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself. Erdogan has openly expressed support for terrorist organizations like Hamas, even going as far as calling them “mujahideen defending their lands.” It is both shocking and alarming that the leader of a NATO ally would endorse such violence and disregard for innocent lives.

The attack by Hamas against innocent civilians in Israel just a month ago has only further fueled this anti-American sentiment. The brutal and heinous acts committed by Hamas terrorists, including rape, torture, and the decapitation of infants, should be condemned by all. It is deeply troubling that Erdogan and his supporters would defend such atrocities.


While the Turkish government is trying to downplay the violence and portray the protests as peaceful, the footage and witness accounts tell a different story. The mob, numbering in the hundreds, aggressively confronted the police, throwing stones, bottles, and fireworks. The police had no choice but to respond with tear gas and water cannons to subdue the violent crowd.

This incident serves as a reminder that Turkey’s allegiance to the United States is tenuous at best. The fact that this kind of protest could occur on the doorstep of a U.S. military base is deeply concerning. The safety and security of our troops and their families should be paramount, and it is clear that Turkey cannot be relied upon to provide that.

It is time for the United States to reevaluate its relationship with Turkey and take a stand against their support for terrorist organizations. We cannot turn a blind eye to Erdogan’s dangerous rhetoric and actions. The safety and well-being of our troops and the fight against terrorism must take precedence over any diplomatic niceties.

Written by Staff Reports

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