Radical Dems Want $14 Trillion for Reparations

Democratic lawmakers introduced a resolution on Wednesday that showcased the latest way the radical left wants to steal American’s hard-earned money. The resolution requests that the federal government pays black Americans $14 trillion for the supposed centuries of racial discrimination they have suffered. The American people were stunned to hear that this radical move would be taking place, and it’s no surprise that the democrats pushing the resolution are none other than the infamous “squad.”

Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, flanked by fellow “squad” representatives Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Democratic New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and Democratic California Rep. Barbara Lee, announced the resolution. Bush said that Black citizens can’t wait any longer for the government to address the harm and racism that it has caused. The intent is for the $14 trillion to close the racial wealth gap, among other things, according to NPR.

The American people can’t help but wonder how this vast amount of money will be distributed, given that Bush has no idea where the funds for reparations would come from, plus it’s concerning that these “conversations” are even taking place. Bowman even had the audacity to suggest that the government should “hold itself accountable” for backing slavery in the first place. Such rhetoric is not only divisive, but it’s dangerous.
California has already been “leading the way” by organizing a panel to study reparations, which came to the conclusion that black Americans receive up to $1.2 million each, which is an absolutely ridiculous proposal. California Governor Gavin Newsom chose not to give a straight answer about the issue and, unsurprisingly, avoided endorsing cash payments. Newsom noted that considering the “legacy” of slavery is not entirely about cash payments.

The backward democrats pushing for this resolution are hypocrites, considering that they thrive in creating divisiveness and racism as part of their identity politics. It’s no doubt that this push for reparations will only harm the nation further, both economically and socially, and the American people should rally together to prevent this radical move.

Written by Staff Reports

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