Adidas Pushes Radical Agenda with Male Model Featured in Women’s Swimsuit Ad

Adidas has once again chosen to pander to the radical left by featuring a male model in their women’s swimsuit ad. The swimwear, part of their “Pride 2023” collection, has a male model parading around in a one-piece swimsuit meant for women.

One cannot help but notice the bulge and chest hair visible on the model, which begs the question, why is Adidas pushing such a radical agenda? The description of the swimsuit states, “Let love be your legacy,” but why must a company alienate and disrespect their customers by featuring these types of ads?

The company defended their decision, dubbing it a “celebration of self-expression, imagination, and the unwavering belief that love unites.” However, isn’t there a line to be drawn when it comes to selling products to consumers? It appears Adidas has chosen to disregard this concern.

Additionally, why must they draw attention to the LGBTQIA+ community in such a provocative and controversial way? The radical left seems to want to shove their agenda down our throats instead of finding common ground with the greater population.

In conclusion, Adidas has lost touch with their customers and chosen to promote radical agendas over respecting consumers’ values. It is time for consumers to hold companies like Adidas accountable and voice their opposition to these divisive tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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